Committee Composition

  Audit Executive Compensation
Gregory B. Maffei Chairman of the Board   Member of Executive Committee Member of Compensation Committee
Stephen Kaufer   Member of Executive Committee  
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy     Committee Chair for Compensation Committee
Dipchand "Deep" V. Nishar     Member of Compensation Committee

Dipchand (Deep) Nishar, age 47, has been a director of TripAdvisor since September 2013. Since June 2015, Mr. Nishar has been Managing Director of SoftBank. Prior to that, from January 2009 to October 2014, Mr. Nishar served in various roles with LinkedIn Corporation, most recently as Senior Vice President, Products and User Experience. From August 2003 to January 2009, Mr. Nishar served in various roles with Google Inc., most recently as the Senior Director of Products for the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Nishar has served on the Board of Directors of OPower, Inc. since August 2013. Mr. Nishar holds an M.B.A. with highest honors (Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School, an M.SEE from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a B.Tech with honors from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Board Membership Qualifications: Mr. Nishar has significant operational experience in those areas which are directly applicable to TripAdvisor's business and areas of focus. Mr. Nishar has an extensive background in the Internet industry and, in particular, the digital media and online advertising sectors.

Jeremy Philips Member of Audit Committee    
Spencer M. Rascoff Member of Audit Committee    
Robert S. Wiesenthal Committee Chair for Audit Committee    
Chair of the Board = Chair of the Board Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member

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